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"Rapturous- characterized by, feeling, or expressing great pleasure or enthusiasm." Color: Green Typ…


"Acclaimed- Praise enthusiastically and publicly." Color: White Type: Iridescent Size: 1/96 Glitter …

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"Impeccable-(of behavior, performance, or appearance) in accordance with the highest standards of pr…

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"Revolutionary-involving or causing a complete or dramatic change." Color: Black with a Hint of Silv…

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Grab Boxes! Filled with Molds & Glitter from our inventory! Grab a box a I will fill it up with …

We carry an array of glitters, molds, and other craft accesories.

We are always on hand to ask questions about what glitter or products are best for your project. I want my 

products to help you step out of your comfort zone & to push you to be different, be you at any skill level! 


 I have created a facebook group where we share tips and tricks. we encourage a safe space for questions and support!

Come Join us in our Dare 2 Sparkle Glitter Facebook Group!

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