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Snowglobe Mixes

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  • Spunky

    "Spunky- courageous and determined." Color: Pink, Black, and White Type: Dots Size: Mix  Glitte…

  • Positive Mixes

    This product is where you select your colors to make your perfect mix. I will mix them together and …

  • Retrograde

    "Retrograde-directed or moving backward." Color: Purple Type: Iridescent and Holographic Mix Size: C…

  • Quirky

    "Quirky-characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits." Color: Orange Type: Color Shift and Iridesc…

  • Vibrant

    "Vibrant-full of energy and enthusiasm." Color: Yellow Type: Color Shift and Iridescent Mix Size: Ch…

  • Zealous

    "Zealous- Having or exhibiting strong enthusiasm or passion." Color: Purple, orange, green, pink.&nb…

  • Peppy

    "Peppy-lively and high-spirited." Color: Yellow, White, and Pink. Type: Matte Dots Size: Mix of size…

  • Together

    "Together-with or in proximity to another person or people." Color: Blue Type: Custom Mix Size: Chun…

8 of 8 Items