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January Dare 2 Create Box

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Product Description

Like getting themed boxes that include a majority of the items you need to create a specific look? Like trying new things without the hastle of ordering all the seperate supplies from different places? Then this box may be for you! 

Dare 2 Create boxes are put together with a specific look/theme in mind! Each month is different but they ARE ready to ship! Meaning you order and they ship out within the 1-3 business day turn around time! So subscription style without the commitment.

Each box does have a tutorial scheduled to go along with the theme BUTTTTTT you don't have to join that you could absolutely take these items and create your own amazing design with them! These boxes are put together to help spark some creativity & get you inspired! 

This box includes: 

2 Decals- (1) 3 inch decal and (1) pen wrap. 

2 Deco Foils

2 Glitters

1 Stripping tape. 

2 pens

2 Vinyl pieces- 6x12 and pre cut stripes for tutorial that will be February 4th(Join facebook group for more details!)

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